Friday, October 19, 2012

Shopping. Barf!!!

I'm sorry in advance for you not so into this people but I put way to much thought into this kind of stuff and then second and third guess myself through the process.

I need to go shopping!  For real this time.  I have 2 big events coming up.  First is the Zac Brown Band concert next Friday.  I really want to wear a pair of tall knee boots.  It's my reward for getting below 200 and will also take wearing knee high boots off my goal list.  I could wear something like this.


I have the brick color dress I got from Target while we were in St. Augustine. I could buy a pair of black cowboy boots and borrow someones jean jacket.    Like this outfit:

I can't decide between cowboy boots which I won't get as much wear out of or I really want a pair of riding boots. I can wear those with leggings (also on my goal list) or skinny jeans.  (Can't believe I can look good in skinny jeans.)

Something like this:  

I just love that.  Or something like this one these girls without so many layers. It's just not cool enough yet in Jax. 

I have 2 days to find the perfect outfit for the concert because I will be out of town the rest of next week and returning a few hours before the concert..  I despise shopping in store. I hate trying stuff on and I've been dreading this part of it. 

The 2nd even is our annual family pictures!  It's been a year since this picture was taken by the wonderful J. Halstead Photography

Look at my face and my husband.  I didn't see it before. I didnt' look at this picture and thing gosh we look fat.  If I had to guess my weight it was somewhere between 270-280.  In a 22 jean and a 22/24 sweater.

This year we are doing something a little different. My BL BFF owner of Caroline Momberg Photography thought of the idea of having a family session at the Jacksonville Fair.  I'm all about going outside of my homemade box so I jumped on the offer.  It's a change of outfits and scenery and nothing we had every done before. She's amazing with children and will be able to get wonderful smiles from my sassy girl.

Check out this family's session done at a local carnival below.  This is the general idea. Don't you just love it?

My color pallet inspiration for this family session was this photograph right here. I love the use of soft subtle colors and how fun and fresh it feels.  (I don't remember the source of this photography but I did not take it.)

So off to Old Navy and the Gap I went searching for the 2 littles first. (.com of course because I don't go to stores on the weekdays)  I found this shirt in the top left for Ethan.  It has the perfect mix of colors to help be the "pull from" source of our outfits. (Like Lorelei's tights were for us last year.) 

Okay, so back to Ethan. That great shirt, with a lighter seafoam blue/green t-shirt under it.  The button shirt will be either partial unbutton or not buttoned at all. He will wear khaki shorts and his boat shoes.    Miss. Lorelei will be wear the pink skirt shown below over the aqua tights. I'm on the hunt for a white shirt with some hints of silver in it so she can match it with her silver Mary Jane's.  She will probably wear one of her chunky beaded necklaces just to add another layer. I LOVE the jacket the little girl is wearing above but she would probably hate it and fight me on it.  My stud muffin will be wearing his yellow Banana Republic button up shirt with lighter jeans and his flip flops.  No cardigan sweater for my man.

Sounds good so far, right?  Now what about me???  I can really wear any color combination pulled from Ethan's shirt which is great. I'm not limited to finding one color.  Unlike the mom above I won't be in high heels. I'm a tad bit (2 inches he says 1) taller than my husband and I like to wear flats most of the time. Also with my kids being shorter it would just make me not proportion well for the photographs. 

I think I might wear a dress. :-\  With a cardigan sweater.  For example. I could wear this dress from Dillards.  Find a coordinating color. Maybe a blue to go with it.
Pinned Image

I also like this dress. I don't care for the price.  $150? I don't think so Ms. Simpson! But I do like the color and how the ruffles go with Lorelei's skirt.

Pinned Image

Or I could wear pants.  Like these colored jeans from Old Navy with a tank and a coral color cardigan.

I have 2 weeks to figure it out. I have no choice but to put myself out there in stores, grab stuff off the rack, and try stuff on.  I need to take the time to do it without anybody rushing me.  Do most women hate shopping for clothes?  I didn't use to and I love when my sister comes in town and we shop for her.  I think it's the size thing and that feeling that nothing fit rights and nothing looks good.  When we are shopping for her I don't have to worry about that part of it.  Please keep your fingers crossed for me. Say happy shopping prayers.  Pray for good hefty sales.  Did you make it through this blog post Char? Or did I lose you?

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